Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Birth Of My Sweet Luck

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I'm back again with My Sweet Luck forever with me. I'm telling this luck because The Message of a Master fall on my hands when I was seriously needing it. I was deeply in trouble to find out what is my purpose? What I can do now to change peoples lives and also nurture myself..Nurturing my inner self was my deepest and truest intention..for 6 months I was struggling yeah for more than 6 months. Then when I was browsing through some metaphysics website I came through a book which was a simple book a very short book and its just 50 pages.. so what I did was print that ebook and I kept it on my table to read it at night and I did. I made a mistake by reading it because I could not sleep after reading the book. It was overwhelming and I was ignorant before this. Ignorance of greater Law. Then the book became my true companion. Everyday I will read the book and apply the methods. Then one fine day a thought entered my mind. I made a decision to share this book to the world after finding that The Message of a Master is still kept silent. It must soar. It must reach everyone. Then the result is the birth of this blog. I am seriously lucky as I often tell to myself....My Sweet Luck...and I have reached many people within months and I also start to earn big money from adsense. Many felt grateful after reading the book and to thank me they add some dime to my adsense account. Again its all the result of applying the methods laid in The Message of a Master. Make it your true companion and I bet your life will change and when it does please come to my blog to give some comments and share your success with the world...Let this book reach as many people as it can help. Thanks to people who helped me to earn money. Let us change our lives. -My Sweet Luck
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