Thursday, September 11, 2008

How my brother attracted his desire by using this method?

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My brother is a coach for students and he is making loads of money by pursuing his passion. He is a great guy. He started of his coaching business for free for some orphans. Then he start to make money by doing his favourite hobby...which is coaching. It was a very fine day and my brother was having trouble to get 'Finding Nemo' movie to show it to his students about the moral values in that movie. He was having a very hard time to get that . Then he was sitting alone in his office. Staring at the wall and thinking about the movie. He was doing nothing except staring at the wall silently by only running this particular thought about that movie.

Moments later a student came to him and said he is going early today because he want to watch a movie with his family . My brother asked him what movie and the student replied.....yes you are right he said the exact title that my brother was hunting for. My brother was jumping like a small boy and he was excited when he was able to see the lessons in The Message of a Master really works. He asked the student to bring the movie to class tomorrow. In the classic book The Message of a Master by John McDonald , The Master said whenever we stare at the sky with silence and thinking about a desire or holding any thought without allowing any other thoughts to nullify its power, nothing on earth could stop that thought or desire from coming forth.

It is very simple here. Every time when you realise that you are staring blank at sky or what please remember to inject any wish or desire at that moment and nothing could nullify the power that you had given to the thought. The power is concentrated power....undivided attention to your desire.

Happy Manifesting My Friend
-My Sweet Luck
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