Friday, September 19, 2008

Spirituality Information: Thought Is Creative

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Thoughts come to us in the same manner that we project thoughts. The thoughts you think have their genesis in the giant library of the universal mind and become part of your thought process because you have somehow been stimulated to think them through your experience.

All thought is creative and every thought we have goes out into the pool of collective consciousness and is received from the pool of collective consciousness. Our thoughts create at one level and are not as powerful as words or action, which build on the initial thought in order to manifest that thought into our reality. Everything starts with the thought.

Each thought leaves your mind and is sent out into the universe like ripples on a pond. As they are transmitted they meet up with all the other thoughts that transverse the universe in this giant matrix of thoughts.

When your thought runs across a similar thought, there is an attraction, like a magnet, and the thoughts bond together to form a stronger thought. When a huge amount of the same thought patterns start to bond together, we experience a collective consciousness where the thought becomes powerful enough to be accepted and manifested by a large number of people as a belief. This coming together of thoughts happens all the time, and it can also work in reverse, so that if collective thoughts are disbanded and no longer powerful, the collective belief will change.

There was a time in this country where there was a bond of thoughts that said dark-skinned people were property and did not deserve to be treated like fair-skinned people. That collective thought has changed over time to reflect the idea that dark-skinned people are not property but are human beings, just like fair-skinned people. Unfortunately there is still some collective thought that maintains some of the old belief and will continue doing so until they find that it no longer serves them.

Thoughts that come to us from our external stimuli were created in a manner that was unique to that stimulus. We receive and filter the ideas and thoughts that come to us through our processing plant; that is, the mind that is unique to us. We analyze the input, put it through our filters, and if it is important to us, spit it out the other end as our own creative thought.

If we do not give a thought much energy, then it creates at a very low level and we lose interest in it. However, if we select a thought, put a lot of energy into it and think about it a lot, we reinforce that energy and build on it. We create at a much higher level, and we are interested in seeing the manifestation of that thought.

The true catalyst to add power to a particular thought is emotion. Emotion really stands for energy in motion. When you add emotion to a thought you are saying to the universe that this particular thought is important to me and I want to have it as part of my experience.

It doesn't matter if the emotion is positive or negative. It is the emotion that gives strength to the thought and therefore has the effect of moving the universe faster in the manifestation of that thought.

The other catalyst for adding power to a particular thought is to continue to think of that thought as often as possible. This invokes the “Law of Attraction” which says that we bring into our lives that which we put our attention on. When you continue to put your attention on a particular thought you are commissioning the universe to bring it to you sooner.

Every thought is creative but some thoughts are more creative than others. It all depends on how much energy you give the thought through your emotions and the amount of consistent attention you give it.

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