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The Ultimate Way to Build Strength -Power Word 19 - Strength

Definition: The Power or quality of being strong mentally and pyhsically.

I have special attachment to this word. This simple word is helping me to achieve mental and physical strength easily by using the methods laid in The Message of a Master book. You can download the book on my sidebar. The idea of strength is very simple. It is the only word that I have ever known which is helping me to control my mind from any other conflicting thoughts. I am using this word to get mental strength by focusing on the word strength and its meaning that implies for a particular purpose or specific need at that moment. I will feel deeply that I am so strong that nothing can disturb my peace of mind and the natural activity of my body.

Mental strength is very important to control our mind from negative or unwanted thoughts which will drain our forces from attaining our dreams. When our mental or mind is strong enough then the energy will be redirected to our body. This will indirectly help us to make o…