Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day My Fellow Readers

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Happy Father's Day to all my dearest readers. Today is such a beautiful day and I really miss my dad. I wish that he is still alive now to see how successful I am but you know life is not perfect all the time. The only thing which is lack in my life is the loss of my dad. I know I will have everything in my life but there must be something that I must miss a lot so that I would dig out the meaning of life. That is the truest purpose of this Universe. It will keep on giving us challenges to make us move to the top. Yeah by turning obstacles into stepping stones.

Father is one simple example in turning obstacle into tiny pebbles. No matter what or how big the problem is, Dad the one and only person who is capable of handling it. I just have the memories of my Dad. It is painfull sometimes but my Dad really taught me a lot. I really spent a lot of time with him and he explained how much he misses my Grand Dad. Now I can feel it dad....He said he will hug anyone who looks like my Grand Dad and I believe it is time for me to show love and give it without expectations to every Dad in this world. For I know that giving and sharing Love which is the most powerful act in this world can bring tremendous change in us.

Dad.....I Love you. I love all the Dads around the World. Love you all a lot BUDDIES. Happy Father's Day.

Have a sweet day.
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  1. well Michael. Im sorry for ur dad. Dun worry things will be fine by the way your every words are inspiring keep up the good work