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No It's Not About SEX...

Life seem to be terrific and fun for me for I am waiting with so much of anticipation to watch Transformers 2 The Revenge of The Fallen together with my family. It is a whole new experience when we watch such movies together with small and passionate kids who can understand and go with the flow of technology. All right now let us get back to the topic. It's not about SEX, It is about LIFE.

Simple experiences and circumstance in LIFE can bring dramatic changes in Character and Habit. It was a very beautiful morning and I opened my eyes as usual with a hope that I will learn something important and experience life changing moment today and I did. Thank God. I did some of my light exercises and went to the downstairs to have some bites. As it happens in all houses, the TV was on but no one was there. I know its annoying. Suddenly my sister's son start to burst into tears for he is feeling uneasy over the noisy environment.

I called my sister to take care of him and she came with so much of anger and scold the little 2 year old boy for being naughty and disturbing her.

I have never seen so much of anger in her eyes before. It was too obvious that she is showing her anger on someone or something else on her son. I knew that I must say something or else things will get worse. For I said few words that changed her completely. I said this, " Hey sis, Well just think of families who do not have babies at all in their home to enjoy and feel their laughter and tears. Just THINK of that. Feel Grateful Sis." She never tell a word. She carried him, hugged him and moved on with her work.

I knew I experienced something important that moment. I found a key actually a secret to handle and overcome negative or bad circumstances. It was amazing. The simple key and secret is to feel GRATEFUL for what we have instead of blaming on others. I know it is pretty hard to control our mind in such circumstances but this is where The Master from The Message of a Master book helps us in handling this trouble. He gave us some Power Words which we can use to impress ourselves every evening.

We can use the same method to add important word which is Gratitude and feel for ourselves every precious gifts that God gave to us. You can begin from your perfect physical body. Feel Happy for having a clearer vision by feeling GRATEFUL for it for there are blind people out there who never got the chance to see the world even themselves. Feel how Healthy you are to breathe normally and rhythmically and feel Grateful for it for many depend on life supporting machines to help them Breathe. Can you see for yourself another secret to PERFECT HEALTH? I believe you can see BOLDLY.

Life is very simple and easy. It Should be and It Will be. We are peaceful and calm beings naturally. Every Good Character and Habits are within us. It is INSIDE do not blame the OUTSIDE. The Message of a Master had changed my life. I hope you will be the next. Have a Prosperous Day.

p.s Don't forget to buy tickets for Transformers 2


  1. Michael...I just got one short thing to say. you are stunning man your words are so powerful. its awesome man you really gave me a bright idea and a very deep secret to live life.

    Thanks a lot Michael!!! I just dont know what to say, thank you I have subscribe for you keep writing Michael...thanks again and im a transformers fan too ..

  2. Thank U Kenny for visiting MySweetLuck. I am really happy that I changed your life. I will keep on posting my friend thanks again for subscribing to my postings. Have a nice day and enjoy the movie


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