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12 Reasons Why You Are Not Happy

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This is not a how to get happy easily in life or ways to get happy article. This is going to be the reasons why you are not happy in your life. There are many people wandering around on how to be happy. Their goals on that day to be happy but they are lacking something. This can be you too, the one looking for happiness. Hope the reasons can help you to be happy in life. Here We Go.

12. You are a mobile worry machine.
There is a specific reason I am telling this because there are people out there who keeps worrying about (almost) everything. They really found that they are unable to control their habit of worrying until they realize that they have lost their happiness.

11. You do not have a healthy physical body.
This is where many starts to lose their health because of bad habits. They become so ill because of worry and tensed over smaller things. These stress and worry swallowed their happiness until their life is empty without them. It is true that healthy body will give space for healthy mind to grow. Please try to focus on improving your health for it affects your happiness.

10. You do not know the true meaning of happiness.
Many are wasting their life looking for the secrets of happiness and a happy life by looking for the meaning of happiness. Here have the secret now. Happiness is nothing else than a state of mind. It is an emotion therefore there is a good news behind it. For emotion and state of mind can be induced. This is the truth that many failed to realize and many have left this world without knowing it.

9. Your happiness is on an object.
There is one thing that many people are doing for they are putting their happiness on materials. Still not clear? I will give a very good example. ' I cannot sleep until I buy IPhone 3GS'. Sounds familiar? Well the reason this kind of people are not happy in life because they are putting their happiness on the object that they want and they cannot find fulfillment until they posses it or own it. Some can be different too whereby they will expect some changes in their life so that they can be happy. Life is not an agreement, it is a fun themed park. Be happy while you are here.

8. You do not have a purpose in life.
This is very important for us for there are so much of happiness in doing what we love. If we are in love with what we are doing then we would be more productive and happy. This is a simple secret that many failed to realize. Discover your dreams and desires and then pursue them no matter what stops you. You will be able to find happiness. You can read my previous post about discovering passion and purpose in life here.

7. You are in a very unhealthy environment.
This is nothing else than your job. You are in a bad environment if you really don't like your job. As I said earlier, you can never be happy if you are doing what you do not love. DO not fall for this. Please find what you love and do it. As I am doing now. I thank God for discovering it. Get out of the environment as soon as you can for it is vacuuming your happiness. Even some are getting drained because of recession.

6. You do not have a mentor in life.
This must be definite for you do not have someone to be your role model. This is important because role models helps us to stay align with our goals and desires by seeing their success. Choosing the Right role model also helps us a lot. Choose the right one and live life happily.

5. Your relationship is draining your happiness.
You do not have a healthy relationship. This can make you sick and depressed. You can lose your happiness easily when you are in bad relationship whereby it drains your forces and energy. When the right person is in our life, our life can be happy. It is important for you to choose the correct life partner who does not eat your happiness.

4. You have chosen a wrong goal.
The goals that we choose in our life is very important for they really affects our life in different ways. There are some reasons many failed to find happiness when they choose wrong goal. It can be as this where there is a person's goal and desire is to make a definite amount of money without any purpose or serving people. This is where the disaster strikes. Choose a goal where you can serve a lot of people.

3. You are not grateful for your life.
There are many people that I have seen in this world whom fails to thank anything or anyone in their life. People are so ungrateful even for things that this world supplies. You can be happy for the clothes that you have. You can be grateful for the house that you live in. Be grateful and thank as many people as you can for you are gaining happiness...

2. You are letting your past to control you.
The very big mistake that many people are doing is by allowing their mind to wander around their past life and worries a lot for the mistakes that they had done whether in business, relationship or it can be anything but what they are doing is fatal. They are letting themselves to be drowned by sadness and worry. They let the past to kill off their present which can affect their future happiness. Many are losing happiness in this way. Do not fall for your past for it has no helpful end in view.

1. You do not love yourself.
This is the ultimate reason why you are not happy in your life. There are many people out there whom forgets to love themselves even for small things. I love my self so much do you know that? I really do for I am having such a great life, a wonderful family, helpful friends and I found my purpose of life. I Love you MICHAEL DAN.......

There are many other reasons why people are not being happy. Life should be fun and filled with happiness. Happiness is nothing else than a state of mind. It can be induced, happiness can be built from within. Build it, Keep it and Share it. Let me Share my happiness with you.

I wish you Love and Happiness,

What are your views about the reasons of not being happy? Do you have any other reasons for not being happy? If so, please share them in comments. Thank you.


  1. What are your views about reasons of not being happy? Please share in comments....Thank You

  2. Dear Micheal Dan, i was an unhappy girl and my past was really painful and the past was haunting me, everytime it comes in my mind. I didn't really have a healthy relationship in the past but i have managed to overcome the depression that i faced before now im much happier and now i have found my purpose in life, i love myself now and i have let go of the past and move on towards achieving my goals in life. Thank You Micheal Dan for such a motivational post it truely has motivated me.

  3. You are welcome Jenny...

    Wish u a beautiful LIFE


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