Wednesday, August 26, 2009

8 Ways Your Faith Can Be Weakened Easily

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In previous posts we discussed on building faith easily but have you been aware or not that your faith can be weakened too? There are many factors which can affect the strength of your faith. Faith is nothing else that an emotion. Emotions are subject to change according to surroundings and some other factors. Now let us head straight to the factors that can change or weaken your faith. Here We Go.

1. Lack of confidence.

This is something that you must agree with yourself. When you are lacking confidence you will not have faith in anything that you do eventually you will loose faith upon yourself. If you ever wondered on building confidence, click here.

2. Criticism

I know that criticism does affect your peace of mind. It really does affect your peace of mind for I know it well because I went through the same. Life was really like living in hell when people complained about my works or business ideas. It was knocking my head off. I know that it will break off your faith easily. So don't let them...

3. No definiteness of purpose.

You see it is very simple. What I am trying to tell is, when you do not have a fix and definite purpose in your mind, then you will start to lose faith upon yourself easily. What you can do to fix this is , work on finding out your purpose and hold on to it no matter what happens.

4. No one is believing your words.

When there is no one to believe your ideas and words, you will start to lose confidence upon yourself. When this happens, your faith will be weakened easily very easily. When there are no one to believe your words or ideas, please email me or contact me for I will open to listen from you.

5. Your past experiences.

Your past experiences whether they are good or bad, they really can affect the strength of your faith upon yourself. When you have good experiences in life, you will be equipped with good thoughts and positive mental attitude which can be the perfect source for you to build faith. If you have very bad experiences , then your faith will be weakened easily.

6. Lack of knowledge.

I am not talking about the school education or college degrees. What I am emphasising is the knowledge about your real self. Your inner power which lies beneath untapped must be awakened with the right knowledge. Your lack of knowledge about your untapped powers will die inside of you if it is not awakened. Then you will lose your faith of course. Learn that human has the potential to do and have whatever he wants. Read the story of successful people and build faith in your life. Don't let it weakened.

7. There is no love.

I am relating love because faith is something that you hoped for which cannot be seen. Same goes to love. It cannot be seen too and it can only be felt. When you can give and share your love with anyone without expecting anything in return, then nothing can stop you from building faith.

8. What do you say now?

I am open for new ideas and ways that our faith can be weakened easily. If you have one, please share in comments.

Wish you Happiness and Success,
A man of courage is also full of faith.
Marcus Tullius Cicero

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