Monday, August 17, 2009

Building Faith - Do You Have Faith Upon Yourself ?

faith wordsThere is one thing that you can give importance to your life to attain everything that you desire. It is called Faith. There are many descriptions for this Power Word but the power and the effect of applied Faith can be so amazing. Many are not realizing the power of faith in life. There are many stories untold to mankind about this five letter word which changed the fate of a country. It is called India.

A Story of Independence
Mahatma Gandhi can be the right example to show you what is faith. He had nothing with him but only one definite chief aim which is to gain Independence for his country backed by a strong faith. That Faith moved him forward. It gave him Courage, Resources even support from the nation. People was able to see his vision and they strengthened his faith by giving support and help. Life would be simple and easy when you faith upon yourself. This miraculous story of Mahatma Gandhi should be able to inspire you to build faith upon yourself.

What is Faith Actually ?
Faith is nothing else than believing. It is so simple until a small child can understand it. You just have to believe it with your whole heart. Believe that every second that you breath will give you happiness and success. There is nothing wrong in believing for it is not going to cost you any money. Many call faith as God. It does not matter how you see this Power Word but it will always give you the results that you expect to get.

Why You Must Have Faith Upon Yourself ?
Who else do you want to believe in besides you? I would say no one. Yes not even your friends. Have faith upon yourself for you are the one whom really knows well about your needs and purposes. Have trust and believe that you can attain whatever that you want in your life for you are the one who is going to take actions to attain what you want. Have faith in yourself so that when obstacles comes to your way, you can tap your back for you are having a plan to overcome it. Have faith upon yourself so that whenever someone ridicules you and your plans, you can keep moving on without bothering them. Have faith upon yourself so that you can understand the true meaning of life by living in your desired way. Have faith upon yourself that you can be, do, and have everything. There are so many reasons for you to have faith upon yourself but the ultimate answer is when you have faith upon yourself, you are not praying for success but moving towards something that you truly and honestly feel which is yours.

How You Can Build Faith Easily ?
This is very important for you if you are seeking help on building faith. Now seem to be that you know why having faith upon yourself is very important, it is right time for you to learn how to take small actions which can help you to build faith in yourself.

The easiest way for you to build faith is by taking responsibilities voluntarily. Start now by saying Yes to your life. If there is someone seeking your help and guidance, say yes to them and guide them with your whole heart. If there is a need for you to be a leader in an organizations or at your university, please volunteer yourself with FAITH. You can see how confident and courageous you will be by saying yes to responsibilities.

As a Conclusion
Faith, can be mysterious but the forces within it is so powerful until it can change the fate of a country. You know the story well. If it can change a nation, then it can change your life too. Begin to have faith upon yourself. Have faith in your every actions. Affirm yourself with some powerful affirmations which can build faith for you. I can tell you this. I have Faith. I have Faith upon myself. I know and I can feel it deep inside my heart that my every actions will give me happiness and success. I Have Faith Upon Myself. How about you?
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I Wish You Happiness and Success,

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.
Mother Teresa
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  1. some people keep on believing that the brain is the center of thinking. this is wrong. there are at least 40,000 neurons in the heart and should they communicate well with one another, humans tend to have this strong intuation knowing somewhat what to happen in the near future.

    the heart is where faith is. the heart is created long before the brain is. the heart is the initiator. it is the heart that sends signals to amygdala in the brain that makes one to react to sumthing.

    the heart is a lot more alive and never bothers the rational reasons on why one have to react according to one's faith.

    the heart is the thinking heart. that's why, to me, to feel is a lot more important than to think.

  2. I totally agree with you Fakhri as you said thinking using heart in other words using emotions is very important than using brain. I agree with you but with one condition, we cannot use emotion all the time. For example, when we are in a critical situation let us say we met in an accident, we cannot be using our emotion, we must be able to think wisely to take the right action. It depends on the situation that we face my friend....Thanks for the comment