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How To Live Long To Do More Good

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This is a post on longevity where you can learn on ways to live long to do more good to others. Previously I have discussed about healthy habits that can add extra years to your life while on this post I will discuss about one single way to live long so that you can do more good.

Now Why Must Do More Good?
There is only one reason for it. For the world is seeking for Love and Happiness and I personally believe that doing good to others will give you the love and happiness that you need. If you do not believe then you can try it out for a day I am sorry just try it for an hour and you can see the changes and difference that you can get. What you can do is voluntarily help anyone by offering a service or help that will make them happy. You will have a very good feeling of happiness when the person thank you for what you have done. Everything that human express with the feeling of gratitude must be pure with love. So there is nothing wrong in doing good for the return of happiness and love that you will receive.

Now How To Live Long To Do So?
Here is the way for you to live long. Now before I begin I would like to do this explanation. There are plenty of ways to live long but nothing can be powerful as choosing the lifestyle that you would like to hold on until your last breath. It would be magnificent. The only way that you can live long well actually two ways but must be done together and they are doing good to others with a pleasant and sincere smile. Basically there are two kinds of people that can be categorized under this habits. First there is a person whom is good and innocent and another type is good and smart. I would suggest you to be good and smart for this type of person lives longer than the innocent type. You do not have to help everyone for there are some people whom really will ridicule or see your effort and help as rubbish. This is true for I have experienced them in my life. Be good to others whom will be good to you too. You do not have to waste your time and energy serving people who will not be able to see the real good in yourself. For the fact is that we are going to live only once so there is nothing wrong in living Like a Legend.

How You Can Start Now?
Whenever you see people out there needing your help, serve them with a very sincere smile. You will receive what you want in your life which is Happiness and Love easily in your life. If you are walking in a park feel free to smile at anyone that cross you. You can see that they can't resist your smile. I have experienced them and I really felt so Good......Hope you will put this into action....challenge yourself for one week to be so...just for 7 days....please.....

Wish You Happiness and Love,

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Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.


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