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What I Learned From This Inspiring MOVIE SCENE? [VIDEO]

Well the scene is from the movie The Pursuit of Happynness. It is one of the best rags to riches movie that I have ever watched and this is one of my favorite scene. The advice is simple enough that anyone can hold on to it and bring a huge difference into their lives. Let's makes a difference by protecting our dreams.

What I learned?
It's not any easy task but it is one of the crucial job that any dreamer must indulge in to manifest their dream into reality....

Protect our dreams. It is not simple because there are billions of people out there to bring us down with their false words but there's only one person whom you can trust which is you yourself. You can trust that person and remember that we should not loose the grip on the dreams of the past for we must fight just to keep them alive.

Now enjoy the scene and bring the change.

12 Ways To Get and Attract More True Friends Like a Magnet

Well it is very easy to make friends but building a very strong foundation in a relationship called friendship is not an easy task. True friends are not only born but they are made whereby some circumstances lead them to get to know each other in a better way. One of the desire of human beings is the social acceptance whereby friends are at the top of the list. There is a saying goes as the man who can make friends easily will break them easily too. There are certain ways of finding true friends which have been proven to improve a person's health and even financial status too. All of us are magnets that attracts each other with any single similarities. This magnet can be used in a perfect manner that can result in attracting friends or to be precise true friends like a magnet.

1. Facebook of course!!!
Well it is obvious that the world's largest social networking site is the ultimate tool to get and attract more friends. Even I was able to get a friend whom shares same interest w…