Friday, May 20, 2011

5 Major Differences Between Yoga and Meditation

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Is there any differences between Meditation and Yoga?
Here's the truth, Meditation is a form of YOGA too and therefore, they do have some differences that can be quite amusing.

First of all what is Yoga and Meditation?

Yoga is a very spiritual subject that originated from India and it is very close to Hinduism from the aspects of religion. Yoga is a way of communicating with your inner self in the form of some activities, breathing exercises and even through some postures. It is widely being practiced throughout the world regardless of race and religion.

Now What The Bleep is Meditation?

Meditation from another perspective it is spiritual subject too as Yoga but the way it is being practiced can be quite different. Meditation has no proper history or the way it was formed but there is one fact known in detail. Almost every religion talks about it and it is being practiced widely every where around the globe. Meditation is another way of attaining wisdom or the goal of getting closer with our spiritual self.

What are the major differences between Yoga and Meditation?

1. Yoga is for the BODY and Meditation is for the MIND

Originally Yoga was practiced to be in control and unite both body and mind but today it is practiced largely as a form of exercise to have a better and healthy body. Seem to be that it is really effective in a form of exercise and the body is used for different postures. Meditation can be quite interesting where you can do in a static posture and concentrate your mind upon a subject steadily. Therefore, it is more towards mind.

2. Yoga can be practiced anywhere but not Meditation

This is quite interesting because yoga is being practiced widely and the results will be phenomenal when it is practiced in a large group but for meditation is is highly advisable to practice in the same place as it was advised by The Master in The Message of a Master book.

3. Meditation is difficult than Yoga

Trust me or not but based on my personal experience I would conclude that learning meditation ca be quite tough compared to yoga because it only involves physical postures but to control your mind through meditation can be said as the world's toughest job.

4. Yoga is UNION and Meditation is STILLNESS

Yoga is the practice and art of uniting both body and soul through some postures but for meditation it is the practice of making your mind still and concentrated towards a subject or a vision. Sometimes chanting will be used in a certain meditation practices to control and whip a persons outer mind.

5. Anything that you believe to be a difference between them

Please do share your thought about the differences between yoga and meditation in the comments below.

Thank you for sharing and remember no matter how many difference they have, they do serve us beneficially.

Wish you Happiness and Love,
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