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Why Most Successful People Are Self Disciplined [10 REASONS]

The truth is this. You know what exactly that you must do in order to achieve and live your dreams. Now the question is, why are you not doing it? Too many obstacles in life to execute what you want? Boring. Don't have access to the resources that you need to work? Fake. Fearful? Might agree to this but still useless. The real reason is you lack self discipline. Simple as that.

Every single successful people that you come across in life will tell you that self discipline is what brought them to where they are in life now. Self discipline is the only thing that they hold onto no matter what life hit them with. Self discipline is the only mantra that they stick with when they were emotionally down or disturbed. As simple as it sounds but it is not so easy to be one. The problem is that you seek help from the outside when what you need is there inside of you ever since you were born.

People like us try to remind you and asking you to go back, do not waste your time and just do what …
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Focus On These 5 Things & You Will Live A Healthy Life [GUARANTEED)

What do you want in life? A bigger house? Better car? Beautiful relationship? Progress in career? You can never have any of them if you are not in a good health. Even if you have them, you can only enjoy them when you are in a state of good health. Health is one of the vital riches that you should treasure and protect the most in order to attain other riches of life. Your health must be your No.1 Priority. Without good health, you can't achieve greatness easily. Note that we are not saying it's impossible but just that it won't be easy. To achieve anything worthwhile in life, you need to pump in massive efforts for the start and the snow ball will start to roll and grow. The best investment that you can make now is your health. Be in good shape and you will be productive to achieve your tasks and goals. To be disciplined effortlessly, you need to build your foundation of health. There are 5 pillars that make up a good health. It is important to keep the pillars strong and…

3 Simple Steps To Achieve Anything In Your Life

We have dreams and goals to be achieved. They can be big or small but all of us are driven by a strong purpose to wake up every single day and do what we are supposed to do to make it a reality. It sounds too good to be true but this is not the truth. Many are living life for the sake of being alive and not truly living it. Deep inside there is a strong urge and desire to live a purposeful and a meaningful life but no action is taken to make them a reality. The worse is that many are living like a zombie. No purpose, no reason to wake up and just live life because death is no cool.

We at MySweetLuck believe in one thing. If you don't have a purpose in life or a strong reason to do something, be at service and change lives then don't be a burden for this planet. Every single human being have the potential to be, do and have whatever they want but if you are not using your full potential to live it then a creation of life have been wasted. It is extremely simple to achieve anyt…

If Not Now, Then When?

Do you have big dreams and goals to be achieved in life? Do you have tasks to be accomplished in hand? Do you have the urge to get clarity on what to be done with your life? Do you have to forgive someone or ask for forgiveness? Do you have to solve a major problem? Do you have to start to take good care of your health?

If you truly know what you want and what must be done, then what are you waiting for? Why don't you just start taking actions and enjoy the results? If not now, then when?

What Is The Real Problem?
You can say comfort, laziness, fear or lack of capital. Just give the excuses and be an expert in justifying it. The real problem lies in your mind. It's your vision. Vision is a strong force that can help us to visualize our future and craft our life the way we want it to happen. It is a beautiful gift and skill of mankind to see things in mind before seeing in hand. This gift comes with a curse. If you can see good things, you can visualize bad things as well. The …

5 Successful People On The Power Of Peace Of Mind

Freedom is the ultimate purpose for all of us. Free to be, do and have whatever that we truly desire. Pain comes from the lack of knowledge, resources, tools or even time duration that it takes to reach the destination. It is important to be aware that the future destination that we intend to reach can only be attained by taking one small and tiny action at a time in the present. Your Now is the most important thing in this world. You lose a lot by worrying about your past or future that can be controlled or shaped only with your present. Do the right thing at this moment. Do what it takes to get where you want to go in life now and the magic will happen.

To be in the present is to be in the state of peace of mind. Having peace in life is a quest that many failed to achieve despite having all the abilities to live a peaceful life. Peace comes from enjoying the present moment with clarity that all is fine and will be fine when you live your present the right way. Simple as that and se…

A Simple & Powerful Tool To Design Your Life

This is the one life that you have. One and only chance to live in a way that can give a lasting impact for yourself and others. To live a meaningful life, you do not have to find the true meaning of life. All you have to do is to live with intentions that are good for yourself and mankind. As simple as it sounds but truly hard to make it a reality. There are plenty of challenges, noises in the head and distractions in our environment stopping us from unleashing our true potential. The only way to overcome this is by designing our life with concrete plans that can utilize all of our skills and potentials backed by self discipline and consistency to serve mankind for a higher purpose. Now, where to get started?
All that you will be needing is just one powerful tool that can help you to craft your dreams and sculpt it to become a reality.
Design Your Life By Writing Writing a journal is like taking a breakfast and shower but many tend to not give attention and put in action on it as the…

What James Gunn Can Teach Us About Self Discipline

Well we all know that what is going on around social media and the internet about James Gunn. Let us put everything aside and see the things that we can learn from him. The good ones of course. The story of James Gunn can be truly inspiring as he started to make small films from the age of 12. Discovering your passion at a very early age can be really helpful to compound the efforts in the long run. He is not only an actor, producer, director and writer but he also ventured in music, started a band in the early 90's. With streak of movies along the way, as director, writer, producer and yes even as an actor, he landed on Guardians of The Galaxy Movies.

Personally we at MySweetLuck enjoyed his movies. They are emotional, fun, entertaining and there is a lot to be learned too. When the whole world is talking about his past mistakes which we agree what he said was really bad and even he himself admitted and eventually apologized. We saw something else in his past tweets. It really c…