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Welcome to MySweetLuck- A Personal Development Blog Inspired by The Message of a Master Dedicated Specially For TEENAGERS all around The World.

My name is Michael Dan and I am a blogger who helps people all around the world to control their lives through Self Development and The Law of Attraction.

When Obstacles Blocked My Way...

I went through a very hard life in my early age. I lost my dad at the age of 19 and I was helpless and deeply in pain for the loss of my dad. I was looking for a change to get over the pain. This is the moment where I learned about personal growth or self development and The Law of Attraction which changed my life completely. One book called The Message of a Master changed my thoughts, habits and character.

Within 24 hours of reading the book, I started a blog with one and only aim to spread and share my knowledge about personal growth and The Law of Attraction. I have learnt a lot in the areas of self development and personal growth. My life changed literally and I start to turn obstacles into miracles. I want everyone to control their lives like me....

I as a Teenager can understand the importance of self development and self help education for teenagers because it helped me and I know that it can help anyone. Knowledge is Power. 

Why MySweetLuck ?

This blog is dedicated to Teenagers whom strives to learn about themselves more and also about personal growth. This blog covers everything around Money, Health, Meditation, Happiness, Relationships, Life and also The Law of Attraction.

I started this blog in June 2008 mainly because of my desire to share the knowledge that I have with this world. Since then, I have added more than 100 articles, tips including some videos.

If you would like to have more information about MySweetluck, please get in contact through my email:

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Where to Begin ?

If you want to know more about MySweetLuck you can start with these articles, Life is a Choice and Big Three.

Welcome to My Sweet Luck.

Have a Beautiful Day

p.s Feel free and open to post comments and suggestions at MySweetLuck.
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