Thursday, April 3, 2008


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A Choice to read The Message of a Master
Let me make it simple and clear for you. After years of readings and research I found that there is only one thing that affects our life. Whether you wanna be rich or wanna be poor, or whether you want to be single forever or to have a beautiful family......the choice is always yours.....think for a moment...its you are the one who made decision to head in to my blog....its you are the one who made a choice to read these words. Well I know that the first blush that gonna be is that " My parents force me to do this and that", " My boyfriend never understands me and he is not loving me anymore". In both cases there are choices for you to move one step ahead or thousand steps backward. In my very own ultimate life video, the pictures and the words that I used was totally my choice and my creation. I decide to be loving. I made a choice to live healthy. Now what is your choice now....remember that every choice that and every decision that you make affects your life. Make a right choice. Now I give a suggestion. The way for you to live a harmonious and a wealthy life. Now below is a video of a promise for yourself by Christian D. Larson . I want you to hold on to that promise. Again its you are the one who is gonna make the choice whether to hold on to that promise and move ahead in life or to maintain in the comfort zone that you are living in. The choice is yours. May peace be with you.-The Message of a Master
- My Sweet Luck


- My Sweet Luck
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  1. Hi Micheal, thanks for the comment. You write well. Keep it up !