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Big Three

THERE ARE ONLY THREE STEPS TO ATTAIN ANYTHING IN YOUR LIFE. Yes only three steps...and it can change your life forever......based from The Message of A Master

Now everyone must come to a conclusion at first that we are the creators of our life...and we are responsible for every circumstance that occur....and when we convince our mind with this fact....nothing can stop you from stepping forward.....toward your firm in this...that you are responsible over your are the master of your fate....therefore you are responsible for who you are..

After building faith and creating a firm belief that you are the creator of your life....its time for you to make a decision...a decision to set a supreme goal...a higher goal which can drive you every moment to achieve can be anything whether buying a brand new car or get a new house on the beach can be anything...but you must realize that you are setting …

Is It Simple To Set A Definite Goal?

Excerpt From The Message of A Master-
What do I mean by establishing a set definite
objective? Is it as simple as it sounds? No, not at the start.
Would you set your objective at a million immediately and
start out thoughtlessly to make it overnight? Yes, you
might, if you have the capacity to see a million as an
immediate possibility. But this is quite rare. The wise thing
to do is to grow to it as the marathon runner begins by first
running a mile. Then he goes two miles, then three. Thus he
expands his capacity to eventually cover the full distance. - The Message of A Master
- My Sweet Luck

Importance of Having A Supreme Goal

Excerpt From The Message of A Master-
We will suppose that there is an urgent need for you to reach a
certain town as quickly as possible. When you step into
your automobile, you naturally picture in mind a given point
of destination and turn your face in that direction. If that
point be distant, you may become diverted onto wrong roads
many times, but upon noting this, you return and again
take the proper course, guided by what? - by the picture in
mind of the place you are headed for, and you get there. You held to a set definite objective until you reached it.
You held your objective or destination in mind without any
particular effort or strain and merely returned the car to the
proper road when you found that it had strayed, and you
got there. Thus it is with us. A set definite objective must be
established if we are to accomplish anything in a big way.- The Message of A Master
- My Sweet Luck

Quotes From The Message Of A Master

Watch the video below........some quotes from the precious book The Message of A Master by John McDonald...
- My Sweet Luck

- My Sweet Luck