Sunday, August 17, 2008

10 Things To Avoid Before Reading The MOM

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These are the 10 thing s for you to avoid before you start reading The Message of a Master book so that you can absorb the content easily without any contradiction by your outer mind. Here it goes..

1. Make sure the place that you are going to study is not noisy. It must be a silent room where you can concentrate on this. Give importance to this.

2. Make sure there are no disturbance for you in any ways when you have the intention to read The Message of a Master.

3. Do not compare this book with any other self help book because it is not a book actually it is a message given to you directly.

4. Never share this book with anyone unless you complete studying it. This is crucial because the person might get the message wrongly due to ignorance.

5. If you have any negative beliefs about you or negative aspects in you that you believe it cannot be changed....please write all of them in a piece of paper and burn it down. You must read this book with an open mind.

6. Do not read this book like a novel. Understand each and every words and contents before proceding to the next.

7. Try to smile to every living creature that you see. This may be weird but the reason behind it is you must have good feelings while reading it so that you can see things clearly in this book.

8. Do not read this book without a purpose. You must know why you are reading this book. In what aspects of life you want to improve by reading this book. Many profitable ideas has reached people through this method.

9. Do not have any junk food or soft drinks while reading this book because it will drain your enegy.

10. Never be too sad or too happy before you read this book. Be normal as you are getiing message from the universe.

Thank you and please leave some comments on how this book has helped you.-My Sweet Luck
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