Tuesday, August 19, 2008

3 Steps - The Message of a Master

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I can summarise three steps for you to achieve anything that you want or if you want to improve in any part of your life. Well to be honest I suggest you to read the book few times to get your own understanding about the book. Alright now, let me begin

1. Understand the power of the Universe.
First you must understand who you are. The power that you posses and ultimately understand the Universal Laws that are on your side for you to live a life that you want. It is your rightful heritage to have what you want. If not why are they here?

2. Know what you really want by setting a chief definite goal
Well buddy you must set a chief definite goal in your life. Yes this might be the same thing for you but please understand that you must have a purpose in your life....reason for you to breath happiness and love. You were born to achieve something and to have meaning in your life maybe you also born to make peoples' life meaningful. Whatever it may be remember to have a goal that you truly love to achieve. At least for me....for my sweet luck.

3. Create miracles out of obstacles.
You see all of us face obstacles in life and we also ignorant of the hidden force behind this obstacles which are trying to help us to move towards our goal. It might be weird for you but trust me friend it is true. I have a small and famous and a very short story to prove it to you. Bill Gates will not be able to create Microsoft if he was not kicked out from Harvard University. He might be working in IBM after his graduation. So can you see it now? That everything is happening according to our will? Hope you can now. I wish you luck.
-My Sweet Luck
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