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5 Things To Avoid Before Meditation

Based from The Message of a Master The Master asked us to spend half an hour in the evening after all our hectic hours....use this time to meditate upon the words that have been given in the book. We can choose any particular words if we want. What The Master said is that we must feel how the words will affect us and we must not use 'I AM'. Alright now let us move to things that we must avoid before this we go

1. Never ever ever never let people to disturb you. It seriously will drain your energy to the maximum. Please make sure you inform your spouse or your family members not to disturb you while you are focusing on the words in a silent room.

2. Do not take heavy food. This is very important. You may deny it but the truth is you will fall asleep while focusing on the words given. This is because you will be meditating in a silent room where no one is going to disturb you. So please make sure you are not going to take heavy food before meditation but you may drink a glass of water to feel fresh.

3. Comfort. Make sure your clothes and your chair is comfortable for you before you start meditating. Please make sure your attire is suitable in other words not too tight to make you uncomfortable. It will eat your attention , so give special attention to this particularly.

4. Make sure you had memorised all the words given in the book. Do not take the book and focus on the words one by one by holding the book. It is nonsense and it will again drain you energy. Remember you want to focus on those words fully not partially because you will attract things to you faster when you put your life force on that thing. Remember to memorise the words before you meditate.

5 Lastly, this may be simple for you but this is the most important process of all. Make sure you are not in a BAD MOOD. It will eat your energy a lot and you will not be able to focus . Yes be in a very happy mode before you begin to focus on that words. If you found yourself it is hard to be in that state make it simple. Please think of things or events that will make you happy or in other words think of things that you are grateful in your life. There will be a light in your face and then you can begin.

I wish you Happy Meditating.- My Sweet Luck


  1. A simple way to release negative thoughts and energy before meditation - or any time during the day when you wish to get back into a good mood - is to simply let out a deep sigh and look up. If your mood or your thoughts are especially heavy, do it several times - even a dozen or more.

    While you're doing it, think about releasing - letting go of all negativity or letting go of the particular thought that is troubling you.

    It's hard to believe how fast and how well this method works.

  2. Definitely don't carry negativity into meditation -- or anywhere! Great advice from Marte on letting-go of negativity; this method becomes easier and more natural, or automatic, the more you do it -- I even use it before answering questions, or responding to situations and interactions with other people. This is a great site with wonderful advice and techniques! Keep up the good works!

    I found this site through Cyres Cafe, by the way... and I will share it with others...

  3. I've once heard a speaker once said and I'll concur, meditation is the food for our soul.


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