Thursday, August 7, 2008

Discover Happiness Through Money

Excerpt From The Message of A Master-
Before the discovery of the law governing the use of
electricity this great force was lying dormant throughout the
universe, at least as far as man's knowledge was concerned.
He had first to discover the law before he could turn it to his
advantage. Just so with this Universal Law....
'Happiness is man's rightful heritage. It is the
summum bonum of his aspirations. The very soul of man
cries out for happiness, but he misinterprets it in terms of
money. Why? Because money is a means to an end. It is the
motive power which drives us on in our quest for the
ultimate, which is happiness. In the world there cannot be
happiness without money. Therefore the occupation of
acquiring money is a worthy and commendable one.-The Message of A Master
- My Sweet Luck
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  1. My favorite expert from the whole book! :)

  2. Yeah He is the best for my eyes just that we do not know who he is exactly. Really learned amazing lessons and knowledge from The Message of a Master. Thank the Expert...