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Do Affirmations Work ?

Well after the phenomenal documentary 'The Secret' people start to use affirmations in their daily lives. In the infamous The Message Of A Master book the master said that affirmations do work but only to the one who had conquered their mind from negative thoughts. Well to be honest its hard for us to attain that level. The problem with us is we tend to think of opposite of any thought that 'pop' in our mind so its the nature of human. When we use ' I AM Power ' immediately there will be an counter thought conflicting with your affirmation. There will be a voice not from somewhere but from inside of you telling that "YOU ARE NOT A BEING OF POWER. YOU USED TO BE FAILURE!" the energy is being wasted. What you can do now is think of powerful words that have been given in The Message Of A Master and spend about half and hour every evening to get deep into the words....feel and imagine how the words will impact your life in a positive manner....remember feel the words..this simple shortcut will not scatter your forces and the energy can be easily directed to your desire...Simple let put it into action!
- My Sweet Luck


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