Thursday, August 21, 2008

Have you ever gone through this?

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Have you ever gone through this kind of emotion blankness where your mind wander somewhere about something and you never realise what is going on around you? Sound familiar ah. Well I have a good news to you regarding that. Based from The Message of a Master book, The Master said that if in that moment where we are staring somewhere thinking about something, if it is possible The Master said inject any wish or any desire at that moment and nothing on earth could stop that desire or wish from coming forth. There is a reason behind it. At that particular state our mind will be thinking about a particular subject or rolling our mind about a thought and while doing that our mind focus on that thought with sufficient force. So this will prevent any counter thoughts or in other words any negative thought to disturb the thought that are running in our mind. So remember this short and crisp technique. If you find yourself staring at space wandering about a thought or a particular matter...please inject your wish or desire at that moment and you know what is going to happen next. Happy achieving your desires. - My Sweet Luck
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