Sunday, August 31, 2008

Now Where and How to Start?

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Alright now I believe you have read The Message of a Master many times and addicted to it till you hold on the the book till the stroke of midnight. That is not enough. Well practice was the last thing mentioned by The Master in the book. Yes you must practice the knowledge and the principles laid in The Message of a Master but how? You may not know how but do not worry. I will help you with this. When I was very sick because I was having this problem called asthma but now no more , this book fall on my hands and helped me to cure my sickness. First thing that I did was I took a challenge to read this book twice daily for one week without stopping. By doing this I got a whole concept about the book. This is the best way for you to start. This is a very short book so what you can do is read this book twice daily for straight seven days without break. Important stuff that you must do is read this book with a purpose. After reading this book for once , I set a chief definite aim to cure my illness with this knowledge. Then this book was my true companion for a week. While making it my companion and reading it, many ideas came to my mind and I wrote down all the ideas in a small notebook. For a humble beginning with this book what you can do is after while reading this book ideas will cross your mind regarding your purpose that you held in your mind so write it down. This is the best way for you to start. For the next post I will explain on ways to boost the initial method which is to grasp the whole idea of The message of a Master. Start now to make a goal for you to spend a week with this book and read it twice daily. I wish you success. -My Sweet Luck
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