Monday, August 18, 2008

Read The MOM With Purpose

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Before you start reading The Message of a Master, please think for a moment and if can write down in a piece of paper why you are going to read this book and what do you expect to get from reading this book. This process before reading The Message of a Master is very very crucial because while reading this book with the purpose that you hold on in your mind , the Infinite or the Universe will supply great thoughts in other words Ideas or hunch that is related to your purpose. This book is very powerful in doing those magical stuffs. Let take me as an example. I read this book once without purpose just to kill my time. Then I was amazed by the contents of the book and I tried to spread this book to as many people as I can. Then I hold a purpose in my mind. My purpose was to make this book reach as many people as it can and help them to solve peoples' problems. Then while reading this book I got the idea to feed my purpose and the result is you are at my blog now to know more about this book. Amazing huh. It is very simple lets say you want to get a promotion or an extra streams of income or you might want to improve your relationship with your spouse. Well what you have to do is read this book once and get the better understanding first. Then read this book again and before reading it make sure you have prepared a notebook and a pen to write down ideas that will come to your mind. Trust me it will. It is like magic but it will come if you hold on to the purpose strongly. Well I am going to read this book again with a purpose to drive more traffic to my blog and help people with this book. I am going to hold to this purpose and I will return with a better result , so wish me luck and all the best to those who wants to read this book with a purpose.- My Sweet Luck
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