Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Remember this while reading The MOM

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Right after you clean you mental house from all the dirty and non supportive thoughts, you may freely take The Message of a Master book and read it in a silence room. Remember one important thing while reading The Message of a Master.

As I said before read this book once then for the second time read this book with a purpose. While you reading The Message of a Master with purpose , there will be some words where you cannot understand. It may be some simple words or new for you but The Master said if you found it easier to use your own words in order for you to understand the Message of a Master , you may do so freely.

Make sure the words you are going to replace will not change the meaning of the sentence then the message cannot be received by you completely. It is highly recommended to read this book few times to get used to it and move on if you cannot understand certain parts. You will definitely face this problem but once your capacity to learn increases then you can read it again to get the whole meaning.

I hope this post will be useful for you to take necessary actions while reading The Message of a Master. Hit me with good news
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