Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Step By Step Instructions To Achieve What You Want

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The Message of A Master
Step 1 : Mind, no matter what form it is apparently
contained in, holds images, pictures. And any pictures
firmly held in any mind, in any form, is bound to come

Step 2 : In order that all your wishes or thoughts appear,
there should be no other conflicting thoughts present to
nullify their power.

Step 3 : The consciousness or fixed picture in mind of
anything, any condition, any circumstance, is the actual
things itself and what you experience through the five
senses is the mental picture out-pictured.

Step 4 : Our outer mind judges everything by what the eye
and ear reports and transmit that message to the Inner. We
tend to take pictures of what we experience daily in the
outer world, developing the sensitized film, and then printing
those pictures upon themselves within. The procedure
should be just the reserve.

Step 5 : Thus, you have to hold a set definite objective until
you reached it. (recall the story of returning the car to the
proper road when it has strayed.) In short, be a deliberate

Step 6 : An important requirement in successful
achievement : Secretiveness

Step 7 : Dedicate each evening to meditate and firmly
impress your being with each word given in the list. Practice
this system every evening as regularly and diligently as your
affairs will permit and then forget them entirely until the
next evening.

Step 8 : You need not cast glances out of the corner of your
eye to see how the thing is proceeding. You need not set to
wondering how the thing works, or if it really is working.
You set the objective. You therefore planted the seed.
Nothing upon Earth can prevent your objective from
becoming externalized, because nothing in the world can
nullify Universal Law. You have done your part. Trust the
Law to do its part.

Step 9 : By all means, practice it.
-The Message of a Master
- My Sweet Luck
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