Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Vision Board Will Not Work if

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Yap read the title again. Vision board will not work if the vision board is full of your dreams or desires. Remember it might work but not for all. This is because most of our friends have this very good potential. They can focus on what they truly want at that moment even if they get distracted by other dreams or wishes.

Based from The Message of a Master there is nothing wrong for wishing many things in your life for desiring all the good events in your life but remember this your energy will be scattered to many directions so the force of attraction will be a bit weak....Ask yourself WHAT EVENT OR DESIRE THAT YOU REALLY WISH TO ACHIEVE OR MANIFEST AT THE PRESENT MOMENT. You may be craving for a cool sports car. What you have to do is get the picture of car with the desired colour and place it where your eyes will meet it most. If you place it together with your vision board then then your mind will not be able to focus on the particular car which you wish to drive.

Your energy will be drained by focusing on things that you wish to achieve later in your life. Got it? I hope so.
What you have to do is get to know what you really want at this present moment then you print that picture or cut it from magazine or it can be from anywhere as long it is your most keen desire. Then place the picture in a place where your eyes will meet the most. I wish you luck and I hope you can see clearly now why vision board does not work always.

By doing this you will be able to put your force and energy to the particular without scattering it to many desires. This is based from The Message of a Master so trust me it will work for you too my friend. Hit me with good news.- My Sweet Luck
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