Friday, August 15, 2008

Why this book is so special ?

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The Message of A Master. Well I'm definitely crazy about this book. Well most of you will be wondering what is inside this peculiar book with a title that have been kept silence in the world of metaphysics and self development. To say it simple read it and you will know why I'm passionate about spreading this book to reach as many people as I can in this world through my blog. I may be a guy with a lot of desires and wishes. Most guys at my particular age will be crazy about getting a PlayStation 3 or drive a cool new BMW Z4. After reading this book my whole perception about life has changed. This book taught me the power human 'mind'. This book taught me the power of chief definite aim and this book also taught me how to turn obstacles into miracles. Now no matter what problems I face in my life....I will tap my back and I well tell to myself that there is an opportunity for me to utilise in that particular problem...Let me make it clear for you. Steve Jobs will not be able to create successful animation company called Pixar if Apple did not fire him. Can you see it? I hope you can now....I am just asking you to do two things. Read this book and change your life. Feel free to pass this book to the loved ones and please post some comments on how The Message of a Master has changed your life. I will be waiting for the good news. -My Sweet Luck
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