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Little Known Way to Manifest Easily

Based from The Message of a Master book by John McDonald, The Master in the book with just a few sentences said that we especially the beginners can manifest a particular material wealth or change habit or anything easily by following this method. What we can do to manifest our desire easily is by realizing the desire within heart whether we truly need to manifest and live the desire or not. After getting a very good confirmation from within that we need to manifest the particular desire and the next step is being specific. We must be as specific as we can to tell our desire. We must be able to describe our desire easily. It must not be confused with lots of data and information that will drain our forces to attract it. We are able to attract things and circumstances into our lives because we are directing our life force towards it if not how are we able to attract certain desires. Let us say that you want to get a very beautiful house and make sure you have enough of information or i…

5 Things to Avoid After Reading The Message of a Master by John McDonald

Guess What? You still have to avoid some things after reading The message of a master by john McDonald. You can download The message of a Master bu John McDonald for free on my sidebar. Here we go now for the things to avoid after reading The Message of a Master.

1. It is time to celebrate. Most of us will read the book for once and after getting the wisdom from the book we will keep the book aside and go on with life by doing the same mistakes over and over again and wonder why our life is still the same. Please my friend avoid this. Read this book over and over again till you have hate over The Message of a Master by john McDonald.

2. Sharing this book with everyone. I am not asking you to share everything listed in the book with your closed ones especially to your friends. Remember when you share everything with your friend means he might question you or let some doubts to enter your mind. This will scatter your energy and allow his doubts to counter your positive vibes. It is wise t…

5 Things to Avoid While Reading The Message of a Master by John McDonald

There definitely must be some fine reasons for you to avoid these things while reading The Message of a Master by John McDonald. Here We Go now...

1. Never ever let anyone to disturb you. This is very important for you to give undivided attention to each and every words in The Message of a Master book. You can get all the information easily by concentrating on every single letters.

2. Make sure you have a notebook by your side. Most people will not follow this and whenever they are stroked by an idea they will go to the next room or somewhere far to write down the idea. By the moment they take the pen to write , the idea will not be inside their head. Make sure there is a notebook and a pen by your side. You will definitely get an idea related to you while reading The Message of a Master. That is the magic of this book.

3. No junk foods by your side. Make sure you get rid off all the junk foods or any foods. You must pay attention while reading The Message of a Master if not you might fa…

5 Things to Avoid Before Reading The Message of a Master by John McDonald

Let me give you five things to avoid before reading The Message of a Master by John McDonald which had changed my life completely. This is how I was able to grasp the details and the principles laid in the book easily. Here we go.

1. Never ever have intention to read it in order to complete the book. It will never work for you if you intend to read The Message of a Master like a novel. I am not giving you responsibility to complete this book but I am asking you to change your life in a positive manner by reading The Message of a Master completely in a perfect manner.

2. Do not just keep this book aside. Go to the net and do some surveys on how The Message of a Master had changed people's lives. One of the example is my blog where I am sharing the positive changes in me in a very short time after reading The Message of a Master by John McDonald.

3. Make sure you are free , I mean really free enough. This is very important for you to spend some time thinking about the messages given in…

Spirituality Information: Thought Is Creative

Thoughts come to us in the same manner that we project thoughts. The thoughts you think have their genesis in the giant library of the universal mind and become part of your thought process because you have somehow been stimulated to think them through your experience.

All thought is creative and every thought we have goes out into the pool of collective consciousness and is received from the pool of collective consciousness. Our thoughts create at one level and are not as powerful as words or action, which build on the initial thought in order to manifest that thought into our reality. Everything starts with the thought.

Each thought leaves your mind and is sent out into the universe like ripples on a pond. As they are transmitted they meet up with all the other thoughts that transverse the universe in this giant matrix of thoughts.

When your thought runs across a similar thought, there is an attraction, like a magnet, and the thoughts bond together to form a stronger thought. When a hu…

3 Reasons Why You Must Read The Message of a Master

The Message of a Master by John McDonald had changed my life completely. I am living a very beautiful life with peace and love and I am very grateful for having this book in my hands. Let me give you some reasons on why you must read this book and share with your family and friends.

1. Your life will change completely.
Yes it is true and the proof is me myself. I have changed a lot after reading The Message of a Master several time. The first time I read the book, I got an inspiration to have a new perspective about life. After reading it for few times my thoughts, my habits and my actions had changed completely and I am very proud to tell that I am better Man now.

2. You can change peoples lives.
Again the living breathing proof is me. I have changed my brother's opinion about love and life with this very little book called The Message of a Master. I learned that small act of kindness can bring lots of happiness in our life.

3. The knowledge in this book is new.
All the principles and…

Better Way to Start With Powerful Words

Based from The Message of a Master by John McDonald book, the Master gave us 35 powerful words which is truly powerful if you use them in your daily lives. There is a better for you to start with the powerful words. What you can do is write down all the words in an A4 paper.

Take together one dictionary a very fine one but if can please refer to online dictionary which gives you lots of ideas and relevant meaning which can help you for a better understanding of all those powerful words given in The Message of a Master by John McDonald.

Write down all the relevant meanings in the paper that you really feel comfortable with. Before you start impressing your self, your being with the powerful words, take your very own time and I would tell take weeks if you can for you to refer through the powerful words . This will help you for you to get a better understanding about the words before you start investing each evening to impress your being with the powerful words. Read the particula…

5 Steps to Achieving Your Goals That Have Eluded You in the Past

Whether you want to quit smoking, loose weight, or save enough money for that fabulous vacation, you need to set a goal and try to achieve it one step at a time. It is not always easy. For myriad reasons, we fall off the wagon and never bother to get on board.

A commitment to achieving your goal is the key to success. But knowing how to reinforce your commitment from time to time so that you don't go astray is also important. Reinforcing commitments regularly reminds us to catch the next train when we miss the one we are on board. The techniques described in this article will help you in reinforcing your commitments to achieving your goals.

1. Set your goals in measurable terms and take small steps. Write your goals as precisely as possible. Instead of saying "I will loose weight", write down "I will loose 30 lbs in the next three months". Also, break it down into small steps. For example, "I will loose 10 lbs a month for three months."

By setting your g…

Get Away From Energy Drainers

Based From The Message of a Master by John McDonald. What do I mean by energy drainers? Well energy drainers are people who loves to get attention and they drain peoples energy by complaining about the problems and the obstacles in their lives. Sound familiar? Well it must be because we can see these people almost all the time in our daily lives. It also might be you if you love to complain to people on how bad it is your life now.

Why you must get away from this energy drainers? Well what they need is someone to listen to their problems and what you will do is listen to them one whole day about their problems and then go to bed with their problems in your mind. Please never ever associate with this kind of people. When you spend time with them you will receive all their negative energies being stocked at your top.

I am not being rude by asking you to chase them out whenever they try to complain their problems to you. there some better ways in handling bitter things. You can try to avo…

The Power and The Force is higher and Better than Affirmations

There are about 34 powerful words given in The Message of a Master book by John McDonald. Now what do I mean by the words has more power and effective than affirmations? It is simple. The Master in The Message of a Master book said that we are a spiritual being. Whatever thought we hold in our mind or any mental picture that we hold in our mind with desire will tend to materialize. While doing this many will be needing some sort of practice to be in line with their desires.

Now This is where most people use affirmations to maintain the vibration and be in line with their desires. Well let me make it simple for you. Affirmations will never work for you if you are a beginner. Yes , I am not telling this based from my view point but based from The Message of a Master. The Master said that whenever we use 'I am POWER' or ' I am STRONG' there will be an attack from the outer mind in other words the conscious mind that what you are telling is not true. It will create doubt…