Tuesday, September 23, 2008

5 Things to Avoid After Reading The Message of a Master by John McDonald

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Guess What? You still have to avoid some things after reading The message of a master by john McDonald. You can download The message of a Master bu John McDonald for free on my sidebar. Here we go now for the things to avoid after reading The Message of a Master.

1. It is time to celebrate. Most of us will read the book for once and after getting the wisdom from the book we will keep the book aside and go on with life by doing the same mistakes over and over again and wonder why our life is still the same. Please my friend avoid this. Read this book over and over again till you have hate over The Message of a Master by john McDonald.

2. Sharing this book with everyone. I am not asking you to share everything listed in the book with your closed ones especially to your friends. Remember when you share everything with your friend means he might question you or let some doubts to enter your mind. This will scatter your energy and allow his doubts to counter your positive vibes. It is wise to maintain the secretiveness.

3. Clear your doubts. Most of my friends gave up on studying The message of a master further when they find out that some of the parts are difficult to understand. You must avoid this. What you can do is go to some discussions group and ask the one who really knows about this book. Do some Internet survey about The Message of a Master. please never give up because this book really can change your life completely.

4. Do not compare. Never ever compare the knowledge that you learned from the Message of a Master book with any other philosophical ideas. They may be the same but you might get lead to a different idea or a different understanding when you compare the principles with other ideas.

5. By all means practice it. Yes this is the last sentence in The Message of a Master by John McDonald. Please read this book as many times as you can to get a better understanding about this book and practice all the given techniques in this book. the good news is this book is just 32 pages and you can download the Message of a Master ebook for free at my blog.
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