Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Get Away From Energy Drainers

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Based From The Message of a Master by John McDonald. What do I mean by energy drainers? Well energy drainers are people who loves to get attention and they drain peoples energy by complaining about the problems and the obstacles in their lives. Sound familiar? Well it must be because we can see these people almost all the time in our daily lives. It also might be you if you love to complain to people on how bad it is your life now.

Why you must get away from this energy drainers? Well what they need is someone to listen to their problems and what you will do is listen to them one whole day about their problems and then go to bed with their problems in your mind. Please never ever associate with this kind of people. When you spend time with them you will receive all their negative energies being stocked at your top.

I am not being rude by asking you to chase them out whenever they try to complain their problems to you. there some better ways in handling bitter things. You can try to avoid them in ways that they will not feel offended or without hurting their feelings.

What to do when someone complains to you is a very important person in your life? Well it can be anyone even your spouse. What you can do is try to talk with them and listen to their complains but please try to give some solution too. If they seriously not listening to your solution means you must handle them in a different way maybe by relating pain and pleasure to them.

Whatever you do please make sure there are no energy drainers always with you and if someone is like that in your family means never give so much of attention to them then the life force that you set for you to achieve your goals will be scattered and all of your energies will be drained by the Energy Drainers.

-My Sweet Luck

The Message of a Master
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