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The Power and The Force is higher and Better than Affirmations

There are about 34 powerful words given in The Message of a Master book by John McDonald. Now what do I mean by the words has more power and effective than affirmations? It is simple. The Master in The Message of a Master book said that we are a spiritual being. Whatever thought we hold in our mind or any mental picture that we hold in our mind with desire will tend to materialize. While doing this many will be needing some sort of practice to be in line with their desires.

Now This is where most people use affirmations to maintain the vibration and be in line with their desires. Well let me make it simple for you. Affirmations will never work for you if you are a beginner. Yes , I am not telling this based from my view point but based from The Message of a Master. The Master said that whenever we use 'I am POWER' or ' I am STRONG' there will be an attack from the outer mind in other words the conscious mind that what you are telling is not true. It will create doubt in your mind then all your force directed through affirmations will be drained.

Every problem has a reason and a solution too. This is the reason why The Master gave 34 powerful words in the book. The Master said in the evening after our duties we take about half an hour or an hour to be in a silent room and meditate upon the words given. We must not use 'I' in front of the words. We must impress our being with the words. If we have any particular problem choose the right word for you to get a solution.

Now how to start? That is why I am here. I am here to help everyone to lead a beautiful life through this book. Alright now take a fine dictionary and take all the 34 words too. Now what you have to do is read the general meanings given in the dictionary for all the words. This is for you to understand or have the awareness on how powerful is the meaning of the words. Now after getting know their general meanings what you have to do is write down your very own personal meaning of the words. You do not have to compare the words but you just have to write and see your very own meaning. If you found that you have a very bad meaning about one of the words, it is time for you to refer back to the dictionary.

After doing that , now you are ready to impress your being with that word. Feel the power of the words first and then impress your being with those words. Feel how the words will affect you. feel how you will be when the words are associated with your self. The key is to feel. So practice is the hidden key. The Master for all knowledge. Please practice. If you need help regarding meditation you can read my previous post on meditations in categories.

I wish you peace
-My Sweet Luck


  1. Affirmations are such a big part of changing our mindset. That's the "conditioned" mindset we're trying to overcome. Affirmations make the road to achieving our goals just a little easier.

    One other way that I've learned is to say "I'm in the process of", then the rest of your new belief. It's one of the ways to "trick" your mind into creating a new belief. When it gets easier to believe, then go back to starting your affirmation with "I am".

    Another great tip is finishing it off with "this or something better". That leaves the door wide open for great things to happen that you didn't even expect.

    I haven't ready The Message of a Master by John McDonald yet, but I'm adding it to my list. Thanks for the tip!

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