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Meaning of Intelligence-Power Word 13 - Intelligence

Definition: Manifestation of a high mental capacity.

This word is highly related to the Power Word 11 which is Understanding.Now this word will be clearer when it is compared and related with the Power Word 11. Now it have been said that the meaning of Power Word 11 -Understanding is the power of intelligence or the usage of logical power. Now the meaning for Intelligence is the manifestation of higher mental capacity. Now all of us must remember that it is vital for us to move forward in life this the truth of life. The idea behind this word is we must impress our being upon this word to attain intelligence in other words a higher mental capacity. This is very important because with higher mental capacity we can be a good observant and can use almost all the tools for our needs or for our desires. It will also allow us to understand The Truth easily. Impress and feel the intelligence within you, within your cells which is always performing the best deep inside you. Use this word to …

What is Inspiration and Where to Get IT? Power Word 12 - Inspiration

Definition: Stimulation of mind or emotions to a high level of activity or feeling

This must be a well known word for everyone but this little word do have some greater meaning too. It gives exuberant amount of energy if you can analyze the meaning carefully.
Our mind is so powerful, unique and well organized until all of us will be needing a very different medium or source to get inspired. For some success quotes
and others will be needing a very good motivational book to get inspired. For me it is totally different. I think of my past successes and I will get Inspired by that. Now why this word and the idea of Inspiration is so powerful? The core idea of this word is to let us keep on moving and growing without stopping. Now make a right decision to choose a right medium or source to get inspired. It can be your goal or desire or your will to get out of your debt. Find out anything that can inspire you truly and make it your true companion. You can start to see miracles in minutes. It…

Can You Understand Evryhing Clearly? Power Word 11 - Understanding

Definition: Intelligence / The power of abstract thought/ logical power.

This word has an unique meaning.It determines our level of intelligence in grasping the Truth and also the changes in our surroundings. This word would be better if it is linked with alertness. The idea behind this powerful word based from The Message of a Master by John McDonald book is our intelligence in understanding the positive changes around us which is moving us forward towards our goals or desires. We all have certain desires and goals in life and we must have the Understanding of the truth and the intelligence to use the circumstances for our growth. No matter what the problem is , we must have the understanding or the intelligence that this problem has arrived for us to move forward or it may be the counter result of our positive action.

Based from The Message of a Master book The Master said we all will have this problem where we will meet with difficulties in doing certain actions and The Master said i…

Where to Seek Guidance? Power Word 10 - Guidance

Definition : The act of Guiding or leadership quality.

The idea based on this Power Word from The Message of a Master by John McDonald is very simple. This word covers on the aspects of leadership. This is very crucial for everyone to choose the right meaning for themselves. For some guidance may be as guide form God or we our self guiding others but what I want you to keep in your mind is both. i want you to understand the meaning as in both ways where you are being guided and you are guiding at the same time too. Your faith can be anything. You may have faith in God or in The Universal Substance or faith in Higher Power. It has many names but it does one simple thing yet powerful, it guides us. Thus impress this word in two ways. At first impress this word to your self as you are being guided by a Supreme Power which is always striving to give you the best in life. Feel the power and realise it by recalling and feeling grateful for the riches, health and happiness that you have now. …

The Ultimate Freedom - Power Word 9 - Freedom

Definition: The Power to determine action without restrain / The power to exercise choice and make decisions without constraint from within or without.

Whether you are going to believe me or not what I am going to tell you will make your life better. It actually very helpful for me and I am using this word to counter any problems in my life. The idea is just examine the word and the meaning of it. This word is truly powerful and the idea of freedom is not known for many. Many will go after money because it is well known for everyone that money gives happiness and most importantly it gives freedom. Now this freedom is very important for us as a human because we have this inner urge and sense to advance in all aspects of life. For us to advance in life me must take actions and decisions which will bring out positive results and lead us towards our desires and goals and if we want this to happen we must have the freedom to take decisions and actions. What gives us the freedom? It is not m…

Are You Wise Enough? Power Word 8 - Wisdom

Definition: The Quality or state of being wise/ knowledge of what is true.

This is a very special word because most of the time this word is often referred to most religious person such as Buddha and Jesus. There is a secret behind it. The reason they are being related to this word is because they know the TRUTH. They know the Truth of Life. That is the reason why they are in a very high place and being respected by everyone. Now what is the Truth? The Truth is simple. It goes like this. The Truth is we are the creator of our lives. This knowledge is based from The Message of a Master book. You can realise this if you read the book several times. You can understand when there will be a part where The Master says that we are the pilot of our lives . Therefore we have the power to navigate and go to any direction that we truly desire. Again we are the creator of our life. Now this is the Ultimate Truth of Life. Many knows about this Truth but it is not a big idea for them. Remember that …

What Is Non-Resistance Actually? Power Word 7 - Non - Resistance

Definition: Not resisting any bad forces.

This is very important for us to give attention because when you resist more the thing will be drawn towards you more or easily and even after actually. Based from The Message of a Master book by John McDonald, The Master said that we must not resist anything that we do not like and he also said not to bother or concern about things that we really do not wish or desire. In The Message of a Master book, he also insist that me must not even give energy, focus and attention in a revengeful manner towards someone because all of our energy will be directed towards him/her and our forces will be drained without any benefit.

The idea is very simple just focus on good things and accept beautiful things in your life. Never ever give attention to such bad news, negative people and also energy drainers. Try to read The Message of a Master as many times as you can and focus more on the resistant part the final part of the book.

The best way to impress your b…

What is Justice? Power Word 6 - Justice

Definition : Righteousness

The idea here is very simple. You just have to focus on being justice in everything that you do. make sure your desires or your goals are not conflicting with the law. Another important thing is that to believe in justice that only good and all the best thing will happen. The right and the perfect thing for you. The ideal way to impress the word Justice as given in The Message of a Master book is by thinking that all of your desire, purpose and goal are right and will do good to others.

How To Choose Good Actions? Power Word 5 - Good Will

Definition : Power of choosing good actions / desire / purpose

Now this is the word which must be stored in all of us. This word has a very great power and deeper meaning too. All of us have the ability to choose thoughts and this is what making us the most powerful living being on earth. Seem to be that we are so lucky to be the Master of our life it will be very wise if we choose thoughts and actions or even desires that re good and will bring good to all . The idea is simple. Think Good, Be Good and Do Good . Therefore choose the right thoughts and desires.

You can impress this powerful word to your inner self as said in the Message of a Master book by John McDonald. The way is by thinking that and feeling that you have the power to choose good actions and thoughts and if you have a very good purpose or desire in life feel that the purpose or the desire is good and give good energy by feeling the power that you are projecting through thought force by feeling grateful for choosing the…

Do You Have Compatibility in Thought and Action? Power Word 4 - Harmony

Definition: Compatibility in thoughts and action.

In The Message of a Master by John McDonald book, The Master never emphasize too much in this because all of us must realise the power of this word easily. Our thought and our actions must correlate and must be harmony. You may have a great thought of becoming rich but if you love to spend money for shopping or even ignoring some small pennies your thought and your actions will not be harmony. This will lead to discord or failure in manifesting desires. This is very vital for you to give importance. Harmony in thought and actions are very important. Both of them must correlate with each other.

As The Master said in The Message of a Master book, you must impress the Power Word Harmony as in the way where you feel on how harmony in thoughts and your actions for particular goal or desire is being formed. How it will fell and be like when your actions full fills your thoughts. When both of them are the same then the result will be the same a…

Who Posses Your Self? Power Word 3 - Poise

Definition: Self possession or self confidence.

This is a great word for us to give undivided attention after the word Peace. This power word is special because this is the starting point of faith. When we believe in something we will start to have faith in that particular matter. When we start to believe in our self through the method of self confidence, we will start to have faith in our self and we will have the mental tendency to believe that whatever we do will PROSPER. That is the beauty of this word. Now how we can impress this word upon our self. Simple, just feel the word poise and the meaning of it and feel how the word would affect you...imagine the word confidence or poise and feel how it will be when the word represents your inner self. Simple and powerful word to be given attention. I wish you Poise

Are You Peace Enough? Power Word 2 - Peace

Definition : A state of mutual harmony with inner self or with other things or people.

This is a great word for me. I have a special interest towards this word. It states that mutual harmony with our desire or with certain people. This is the key to manifestation. I realize that when I was concentrating on this word in one fine evening. In a state of peace our mental state is harmony with our inner self and also to our desires and when this emotion is very strong the thing that we truly desire is drawn towards us. Now most of us having trouble to find peace within our self. If there is a problem there must be a solution too and if we get angry easily or lose our peace of mind we also can gain in and this the law of Universe.

This is how everything made perfect by this Universal Substance or God. Peace is within us and the meaning is way too deep when we focus our attention to this word. Try it and attain Peace in your life.

Let us Learn on How To Concentrate- Power Word 1 - Concentration

Definition : Undivided attention or exclusive attention to one object(desire),the act of concentrating

This is one of the most powerful word given in The Message of a Master book. There is a deep meaning in this word. I found out when I was concentrating upon the concentration word. It tells that undivided attention to certain object or in other words our desire but the reason why The Master used this word as a first one because he wants us to focus on the words given. He wants us to give undivided attention to these Power Words. He shared the powerful secret to attain the knowledge and change our life easily. Concentration is true power no matter what we do, concentrate upon that particular can start to see miracles. Meanwhile concentrate upon these Power Words.

It is time to focus on Power Words

Now it is time to focus on all the 34 words given in The Message of a Master book by John McDonald. This is a very good activity because when we work more on the words and their definitions, we will have a very familiar feelings when we try to impress the words to our inner self given in The Message of a Master book. Besides that, I will suggest on how to impress the words given to our inner self and ways to meditate upon the powerful words. This 34 words really can change our life.

I have been practising this method for a long time and I can feel the change in me and my surroundings. It is very effective than affirmations because this individual words are not open to attack from outer mind or in other words our conscious mind. Tomorrow I will start with the definition of one of the word given in The Message of a Master book.

Little Known Way To Approach Success

Now I can tell you one cute little secret to success. The idea and the concept is approach. It is how you approach certain circumstances and also certain people in your daily lives. All of us approach certain ideas or certain knowledge in different ways this is because all of us here have special talents and special way of thinking which is not similar at all as based from The Message of a Master by John McDonald book.

All of us wants to attain success in life, at work and in relationship but not all of us are making it and the reason is because of our approach to the life matters are totally different. So how if we can approach problems in a way that we can solve it easily? For sure you can solve it and nothing can stop you from it. How do we handle kids who are really making noice down the streets? If you approach them in an angry state and your actions also will be very bad and the kids might get scared but if you change you approach by getting to them softly and talking to them ni…

Why you still cannot attain SUCCESS?

This knowledge is based from The Message of a Master book by John McDonald. I hope you have read The Message of a Master book several times and before The Master begins his lesson , The Master will ask us to clear our mental house from any blocks or beliefs that are stopping us or holding us back from becoming successful and in attaining our desires. This is a very important subject for us to give focus and time to master it. It is vital for us to get prepared before sitting for exam and the same goes here. Before we start to learn the principles laid in The Message of a Master book by John McDonald, we must get prepared by clearing our mental house or in other words our subconscious mind from all the negative beliefs and experiences.

Is it very easy to erase our negative beliefs or and non supportive thoughts and memories easily as in the movie Paycheck? Yes. You are right. It is really hard for us to do that. So what can be the right solution for us to handle this bad thoughts and b…

There is something good in being IGNORANT

Many of us are being ignorant of something in our life. Ignorance is a form of sin in many religions but now it is time for us to see good in even from a disaster. This knowledge and the idea is based from The Message of a Master by John McDonald. Now what ignorance got to do with The Message of a Master. Remember The Master said there must be a resistance in our actions that we take to move towards our goal? Yes this idea is based from that. I am telling now that you must be ignorant. Ignorance of what? Ignorant of disease, Ignorant of lack and poverty, Ignorant of unnecessary problems in life.

There is a big secret behind this. Whether you are going to believe it or not most of the successful person on earth are uneducated person or have not completed at least their degree. I have a very good example. Bill Gates was kicked out from Harvard before completing his degree and now he was one of the most richest person on earth. There is a reason behind it. He is not well educated but he …

Life is a Choice

What is life actually ? There are millions of definitions for life. I might tell that life is love and your friend might tell that life really sucks. It can be anything because life is the definition that you give to it in your very own mind. Now I am repeating the sentence again in detail. Life is the definition that you give and stored in your subconscious mind. Therefore giving definition is very easy. If you ask a rich guy what is life he will answer life is freedom and at the same time if you ask a poor guy and his answer will be totally different. He will answer that life is full of misery and it eats people. Now which one we must believe or take as the perfect definition? Here comes the power of choice.

All of has the ability to make decisions. It can be a small decision or a big one but the fact is each and every one of us has this ability called power to think. Your life might not be peaceful and I know why. Your life is not peaceful because all the actions that you take are n…