Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It is time to focus on Power Words

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Now it is time to focus on all the 34 words given in The Message of a Master book by John McDonald. This is a very good activity because when we work more on the words and their definitions, we will have a very familiar feelings when we try to impress the words to our inner self given in The Message of a Master book. Besides that, I will suggest on how to impress the words given to our inner self and ways to meditate upon the powerful words. This 34 words really can change our life.

I have been practising this method for a long time and I can feel the change in me and my surroundings. It is very effective than affirmations because this individual words are not open to attack from outer mind or in other words our conscious mind. Tomorrow I will start with the definition of one of the word given in The Message of a Master book.
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