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Life is a Choice

What is life actually ? There are millions of definitions for life. I might tell that life is love and your friend might tell that life really sucks. It can be anything because life is the definition that you give to it in your very own mind. Now I am repeating the sentence again in detail. Life is the definition that you give and stored in your subconscious mind. Therefore giving definition is very easy. If you ask a rich guy what is life he will answer life is freedom and at the same time if you ask a poor guy and his answer will be totally different. He will answer that life is full of misery and it eats people. Now which one we must believe or take as the perfect definition? Here comes the power of choice.

All of has the ability to make decisions. It can be a small decision or a big one but the fact is each and every one of us has this ability called power to think. Your life might not be peaceful and I know why. Your life is not peaceful because all the actions that you take are not peaceful and all brings problem. Thought is the result of action. Repeated thought will turn into action and repeated action will become habit. The thought that you hold in your mind about life is very important because it seriously does affects your life whether you are going to believe it or not. This is life. You have the power of choice to choose the right thoughts which will turn into action and the repeated action will become your habit which is going to reflect your life as you hold it in your mind. Now my very own definition of life is love and happiness because that is what I see and what I want. Make your choice now. Welcome to MySweetLuck.....You made a right choice.


  1. Thank You for this blog. :)

    I have a couple of questions that have bothered me lately.
    First: The Master says the mind must always be doing something, but then if this is so how do you enjoy the things you have when they happen?

    Second: What about for longer things? For example learning another language that will take some time...but it's not practical to focus on just language for so long because one has other things to do.

    Thank you

  2. Hey Liam first of all I thank you for reading The message of a Master book and also for spending some precious time at my blog. Okey now here we go.

    The first question is very simple. I totally agree with you that The Master says the mind must always be doing something but the something is what? The something is to make sure our conscious mind is aline with our inner most desire or our goal. We must do something or feel really grateful to counter the doubts from the conscious mind. This is the reason why The Master says we must keep on thinking about our goal. This is very simple Liam. We enjoy things that we have when they happen by thanking the God again and keep the success as a secret. Enjoy the success as you really want it to be. It is your choice either you wish to celebrate it like Trump or be calm as Buddha.

    Second: This is the most interesting part Liam. Well The Master said to focus on our goal right? There is a reason behind it. There is only one thing that can affect the period of attracting or in other words learning the language. It is the depth of your focus and desire on learning the new language. Time will not be the limit if you are able to think on learning the new language day and night and I know that we have other things to do but this other things also can help us to learn the new language easily . Example when you focus on the language your inner mind will bring the right people to you or let us say a person who really can speak the language well might get along with you by the power of your inner mind to help you learn the new language easily. If you really have passion and desire to learn the new language then I bet that time will run so fast that you can learn the language with ease and help from the Universe.

    Reading The Message of a Master few more times is really helpful and it is really helping me. I hope I helped you to clear your doubts. Have a great day Liam.
    p.s. All the best with your new language Liam

  3. Thanks for the reply michael. :)It is helpful.

  4. Hey you are welcome Liam and thanks for reading my post...Have a peaceful day


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