Sunday, October 26, 2008

Where to Seek Guidance? Power Word 10 - Guidance

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Definition : The act of Guiding or leadership quality.

The idea based on this Power Word from The Message of a Master by John McDonald is very simple. This word covers on the aspects of leadership. This is very crucial for everyone to choose the right meaning for themselves. For some guidance may be as guide form God or we our self guiding others but what I want you to keep in your mind is both. i want you to understand the meaning as in both ways where you are being guided and you are guiding at the same time too. Your faith can be anything. You may have faith in God or in The Universal Substance or faith in Higher Power. It has many names but it does one simple thing yet powerful, it guides us. Thus impress this word in two ways. At first impress this word to your self as you are being guided by a Supreme Power which is always striving to give you the best in life. Feel the power and realise it by recalling and feeling grateful for the riches, health and happiness that you have now. then it is time to impress to another side. This time is for leadership qualities. feel your self as a good leader and guiding others based from the guidance that you are getting.

This is a very powerful word where you can realise effect of Supreme Power. When you can see the perfect guidance from the Higher power, then you can guide others with the same power that you are receiving. Read the Message of a Master several times especially the lesson on how we get here. You will have a brief knowledge about the Supreme Power

All the best and I wish you Guidance.
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