Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Can You Understand Evryhing Clearly? Power Word 11 - Understanding

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Definition: Intelligence / The power of abstract thought/ logical power.

This word has an unique meaning.It determines our level of intelligence in grasping the Truth and also the changes in our surroundings. This word would be better if it is linked with alertness. The idea behind this powerful word based from The Message of a Master by John McDonald book is our intelligence in understanding the positive changes around us which is moving us forward towards our goals or desires. We all have certain desires and goals in life and we must have the Understanding of the truth and the intelligence to use the circumstances for our growth. No matter what the problem is , we must have the understanding or the intelligence that this problem has arrived for us to move forward or it may be the counter result of our positive action.

Based from The Message of a Master book The Master said we all will have this problem where we will meet with difficulties in doing certain actions and The Master said it is normal due to the law of action and reaction. Therefore we must have the understanding or the intelligence to handle this problem or difficulties to help us to move forward in life. Life will be a lot easier when we impress this word upon our self as we feel deep inside that we have the Understanding of The truth , The Truth that every problem or undesired circumstances are here for us to move forward in life. this is life. It is so easy if you know how to live it.

All the best and i wish you Understanding.
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