Friday, October 17, 2008

Are You Peace Enough? Power Word 2 - Peace

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Definition : A state of mutual harmony with inner self or with other things or people.

This is a great word for me. I have a special interest towards this word. It states that mutual harmony with our desire or with certain people. This is the key to manifestation. I realize that when I was concentrating on this word in one fine evening. In a state of peace our mental state is harmony with our inner self and also to our desires and when this emotion is very strong the thing that we truly desire is drawn towards us. Now most of us having trouble to find peace within our self. If there is a problem there must be a solution too and if we get angry easily or lose our peace of mind we also can gain in and this the law of Universe.

This is how everything made perfect by this Universal Substance or God. Peace is within us and the meaning is way too deep when we focus our attention to this word. Try it and attain Peace in your life.
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