Saturday, October 18, 2008

Who Posses Your Self? Power Word 3 - Poise

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Definition: Self possession or self confidence.

This is a great word for us to give undivided attention after the word Peace. This power word is special because this is the starting point of faith. When we believe in something we will start to have faith in that particular matter. When we start to believe in our self through the method of self confidence, we will start to have faith in our self and we will have the mental tendency to believe that whatever we do will PROSPER. That is the beauty of this word. Now how we can impress this word upon our self. Simple, just feel the word poise and the meaning of it and feel how the word would affect you...imagine the word confidence or poise and feel how it will be when the word represents your inner self. Simple and powerful word to be given attention. I wish you Poise
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