Sunday, October 19, 2008

Do You Have Compatibility in Thought and Action? Power Word 4 - Harmony

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Definition: Compatibility in thoughts and action.

In The Message of a Master by John McDonald book, The Master never emphasize too much in this because all of us must realise the power of this word easily. Our thought and our actions must correlate and must be harmony. You may have a great thought of becoming rich but if you love to spend money for shopping or even ignoring some small pennies your thought and your actions will not be harmony. This will lead to discord or failure in manifesting desires. This is very vital for you to give importance. Harmony in thought and actions are very important. Both of them must correlate with each other.

As The Master said in The Message of a Master book, you must impress the Power Word Harmony as in the way where you feel on how harmony in thoughts and your actions for particular goal or desire is being formed. How it will fell and be like when your actions full fills your thoughts. When both of them are the same then the result will be the same and better too. Feel as there is harmony in your thoughts and action just feel it but do not affirm it.
A very Powerful Word
I wish you Harmony.
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