Monday, October 20, 2008

How To Choose Good Actions? Power Word 5 - Good Will

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Definition : Power of choosing good actions / desire / purpose

Now this is the word which must be stored in all of us. This word has a very great power and deeper meaning too. All of us have the ability to choose thoughts and this is what making us the most powerful living being on earth. Seem to be that we are so lucky to be the Master of our life it will be very wise if we choose thoughts and actions or even desires that re good and will bring good to all . The idea is simple. Think Good, Be Good and Do Good . Therefore choose the right thoughts and desires.

You can impress this powerful word to your inner self as said in the Message of a Master book by John McDonald. The way is by thinking that and feeling that you have the power to choose good actions and thoughts and if you have a very good purpose or desire in life feel that the purpose or the desire is good and give good energy by feeling the power that you are projecting through thought force by feeling grateful for choosing the right thought, purpose, action and desire.

All the best and I wish you Good - Will
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