Friday, October 24, 2008

Are You Wise Enough? Power Word 8 - Wisdom

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Definition: The Quality or state of being wise/ knowledge of what is true.

This is a very special word because most of the time this word is often referred to most religious person such as Buddha and Jesus. There is a secret behind it. The reason they are being related to this word is because they know the TRUTH. They know the Truth of Life. That is the reason why they are in a very high place and being respected by everyone. Now what is the Truth? The Truth is simple. It goes like this. The Truth is we are the creator of our lives. This knowledge is based from The Message of a Master book. You can realise this if you read the book several times. You can understand when there will be a part where The Master says that we are the pilot of our lives . Therefore we have the power to navigate and go to any direction that we truly desire. Again we are the creator of our life. Now this is the Ultimate Truth of Life. Many knows about this Truth but it is not a big idea for them. Remember that ideas will only work if we work upon them.

Wisdom is the knowledge of truth, the idea that you are the creator of life. Now impress this word upon your self as how it will be if you are being wisdom. Feel the truth of Life the knowledge of wisdom. You will feel the power of this word easily whenever you are side tracked by any obstacles or problems. When anything distracts you or make you feel down juts think of this word and the Truth. You can get back the power easily.

All the best and I wish you Wisdom
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  1. Read some of the quotes by Buddha to understand Dharma better which is a better view of Wisdom.