Saturday, October 4, 2008

There is something good in being IGNORANT

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Many of us are being ignorant of something in our life. Ignorance is a form of sin in many religions but now it is time for us to see good in even from a disaster. This knowledge and the idea is based from The Message of a Master by John McDonald. Now what ignorance got to do with The Message of a Master. Remember The Master said there must be a resistance in our actions that we take to move towards our goal? Yes this idea is based from that. I am telling now that you must be ignorant. Ignorance of what? Ignorant of disease, Ignorant of lack and poverty, Ignorant of unnecessary problems in life.

There is a big secret behind this. Whether you are going to believe it or not most of the successful person on earth are uneducated person or have not completed at least their degree. I have a very good example. Bill Gates was kicked out from Harvard before completing his degree and now he was one of the most richest person on earth. There is a reason behind it. He is not well educated but he is rich in experience. In other words he was daring to try new things and became a successful person because he was ignorant of failures, ignorant of poverty and ignorant of visible problems. This is the key how he became most richest person on earth. Do you think it is easy to cling to this idea of being ignorant of poverty and disease when they are surrounding us? Yes it is not that easy but we do have a very good solution for that too.

This is the time where you must use the power of faith to cling to positive events in life. Be faith in the power of Universe or God or also Subconscious Mind . This Universal Substance has many names so choose the best for you and have faith that this Universal Substance is so perfect that it only has only the best for you. That is the reason why it is so powerful until it can fulfill our wishes by using our life force. With this faith be ignorant of poverty and be conscious of Wealth. Be ignorant of disease and be conscious of Health. Be ignorant of misery and be conscious of Love. It is time for you to live life with Love.
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