Saturday, October 11, 2008

Why you still cannot attain SUCCESS?

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This knowledge is based from The Message of a Master book by John McDonald. I hope you have read The Message of a Master book several times and before The Master begins his lesson , The Master will ask us to clear our mental house from any blocks or beliefs that are stopping us or holding us back from becoming successful and in attaining our desires. This is a very important subject for us to give focus and time to master it. It is vital for us to get prepared before sitting for exam and the same goes here. Before we start to learn the principles laid in The Message of a Master book by John McDonald, we must get prepared by clearing our mental house or in other words our subconscious mind from all the negative beliefs and experiences.

Is it very easy to erase our negative beliefs or and non supportive thoughts and memories easily as in the movie Paycheck? Yes. You are right. It is really hard for us to do that. So what can be the right solution for us to handle this bad thoughts and beliefs? If an impure water in a glass is mixed few times with pure water from another glass...the first glass will be replaced with pure water. This process maybe simple but it really takes persistent. Same goes to us to fill our mind with pure and positive thoughts and beliefs. It really takes time and effort to be persist in filling our mind with this blissful thoughts.

It is vital for you to be clean subconsciously and mentally filled with positive thoughts before receiving the principle laid in The Message of a Master book. Many fail to identify their success mental blocks and finally complaining that all the self development tools are not helping them. The reason is their mental house is filled with bad ideas and blocks and this is why many failed to attain success even after getting all the right tools.

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