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The Easiest Way to Build Confidence-Power Word 17 - Confidence

Definition: Belief in oneself and one's powers or abilities/ The state or quality of being certain.

This is a very special word that should be linked with the word faith because when we analyze the meaning deeply we can realise that confidence is a state of being as faith. It is like happiness which is a state and the good news is we can tap the state or tune into any state with the control of thoughts or by giving them direction to focus on confidence. This word really can change oneself and bring anyone yes anyone to any level. Being certain is not easy but being certain is easiest when you know or understand the ultimate Truth...the Truth that have been and being used by all the successful people and also the unsuccessful people.

It is the law of causation where we create a chain of causes and effects with just a single thought. So when you impress yourself upon your being with this powerful word Confident you can start to feel the change in your self and also in your circumstanc…

How To Build Faith Easily? Power Word 16 - Faith

Definition: Confident belief in truth of what the mind beliefs to be true.

I will make the definition clearer for you. If you believe something to be true then it is true for your mind. This consistent believe will create faith that what you believe is true. If you believe your self as a failure then your powerful mind will accept it as a truth if you consistently telling your self that you are a failure. Remember that what you see is not real if what you see is real means then Sun and stars seem to be so close to us and I can prove to you scientifically that it is really far from us. Another simple example for you to understand that what you see is not real is this world. This world is flat for our eyes but is it true? DEFINITELY FALSE!!! So remember always that what you see around you is not real but what you feel deep inside you can never be false. Faith is an emotion. It is the emotion of believing something to be true to your mind.

Therefore you have this amazing power to choose wh…

Something Nice About Law and Order-Power Word 15 - Law and Order

Definition: Strict control of crime and repression of violence.

This word may look simple to you but it has its very own purpose in building a better 'YOU'. Yes this is true my friend. It is wise for us to control crime and follow law and orders to live a better live but when you think deeply upon the purpose behind this simple act, you can start to see and realise that the reason behind this act is to make us think positive thoughts. When we start to control our mind and thoughts from doing bad things to others, bad thoughts, crime or anything that can bring bad to us and others, there will be miracles happening around you.

You may ask how it can happen just by following law and order. My answer is very easy and simple. Well this is just another way for you to control your mind from thinking bad stuffs and also do some bad things to your self and also others. Isn't it amazing on hoe they have planned everything for us to live a better and a beautiful life? It is! The best …

How To Have a Better Memory and Why You Must? Power Word 14 - Memory

Definition: The mental capacity or faculty of retaining and reviving facts and events.

Now this powerful word has a very good insight if you can analyze this word deeply. Just take your very own time and see whether how you really understand this word. What is the meaning that you have stored in your mind for this Power Word Memory. We have this amazing capability of reviving facts and events that happened in our life. Therefore there must be good use in this amazing ability that we have since we are born. So how we can harness this amazing talent to bring out the best in our life? Same goes as the Master said. Impress this Power Word to your self and feel that you are having such a good ability to remember people's names, important events, feel grateful for it and remember this...Remember to forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future. Before doing this , do not simply forget your mistakes of the past but try to revive the facts and info…