Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Something Nice About Law and Order-Power Word 15 - Law and Order

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Definition: Strict control of crime and repression of violence.

This word may look simple to you but it has its very own purpose in building a better 'YOU'. Yes this is true my friend. It is wise for us to control crime and follow law and orders to live a better live but when you think deeply upon the purpose behind this simple act, you can start to see and realise that the reason behind this act is to make us think positive thoughts. When we start to control our mind and thoughts from doing bad things to others, bad thoughts, crime or anything that can bring bad to us and others, there will be miracles happening around you.

You may ask how it can happen just by following law and order. My answer is very easy and simple. Well this is just another way for you to control your mind from thinking bad stuffs and also do some bad things to your self and also others. Isn't it amazing on hoe they have planned everything for us to live a better and a beautiful life? It is! The best part is The Master shared with us about this knowledge. I am feeling grateful for having this wonderful knowledge based from The Message of a Master book.

All the best and I Wish you Happy thoughts.
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