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The Easiest Way to Build Confidence-Power Word 17 - Confidence

Definition: Belief in oneself and one's powers or abilities/ The state or quality of being certain.

This is a very special word that should be linked with the word faith because when we analyze the meaning deeply we can realise that confidence is a state of being as faith. It is like happiness which is a state and the good news is we can tap the state or tune into any state with the control of thoughts or by giving them direction to focus on confidence. This word really can change oneself and bring anyone yes anyone to any level. Being certain is not easy but being certain is easiest when you know or understand the ultimate Truth...the Truth that have been and being used by all the successful people and also the unsuccessful people.

It is the law of causation where we create a chain of causes and effects with just a single thought. So when you impress yourself upon your being with this powerful word Confident you can start to feel the change in your self and also in your circumstances and conditions. This simple word when you give attention daily about 15 minutes will impress your subconscious and no matter what you do, you will feel confident and will have faith that whatever you do will prosper. the reason is you have impressed your self with this power word Confident not by affirming but by concentrating on the meaning by giving undivided attention to the word which can change your life when you give time and attention to the word. Read The Message of a Master by John McDonald for more details on impressing your self upon this power words.

All the best and I wish you Confidence


  1. Confidence in all we do is so very important. Without it, we wouldn't venture down any unfamiliar road. Where would our faith be without it?

    You have an interesting perspective on how confidence relates to faith. I hadn't quite thought of it that way before.

    My day is complete when I've learned something new. Great post!


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