Monday, December 8, 2008

Learn More About Being Spiritual-Power Word 18 - Spirit

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Definition: The Vital Principle in Humans

This is a very special word and it can be controversial too but what I truly belief is that we are spiritual beings and we are perfect beings too. We do have all the energies and power within us. Many are looking outward for higher power but I can be firm that all the powers are within us waiting to be tapped. many become spiritual or meditate to unite themselves with the world within. There is an abundant world waiting inside but besides meditating we can unite with our selves by focusing and impressing our being with this word spirit.

Feeling and Imagination is the key to power this word. The idea is simple. Take a very simple and comfortable place for you to sit and just keep still for few moments until you are feeling ready and comfortable fully without and constrain from within and without. This is very important and must make sure this step is accomplished. Then this is the time for us to impress our being deeply with the word spirit by imagining our self as spirit. Yes I understand that spirit is immortal and it will be hard for anyone to take that truth. So what we can do is imagine our self as walking through some paths which are unimaginable. First imagine your self as walking through fire. Yes I meant it just imagine as deeply as you can as though you are there walking through the fire. Whether you are going to believe me or not you will be able to walk through the fire without any constrain.

Then try to imagine as you are dead for few minutes. I can bet money that you will still have some thoughts running in your mind because spirit can never die. They are immortal and are able to achieve anything desired and impressed upon. That is the reason why you was able to walk through the fires mentally with ease. It is simple as that. this frequent exercise will let you know the power of spirit and you will be aware of the power within you which is waiting to be tapped with unlimited abundance.

I wish you Happiness and Peace
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