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The Ultimate Way to Build Strength -Power Word 19 - Strength

Definition: The Power or quality of being strong mentally and pyhsically.

I have special attachment to this word. This simple word is helping me to achieve mental and physical strength easily by using the methods laid in The Message of a Master book. You can download the book on my sidebar. The idea of strength is very simple. It is the only word that I have ever known which is helping me to control my mind from any other conflicting thoughts. I am using this word to get mental strength by focusing on the word strength and its meaning that implies for a particular purpose or specific need at that moment. I will feel deeply that I am so strong that nothing can disturb my peace of mind and the natural activity of my body.

Mental strength is very important to control our mind from negative or unwanted thoughts which will drain our forces from attaining our dreams. When our mental or mind is strong enough then the energy will be redirected to our body. This will indirectly help us to make our body strong and healthy. This powerful word, Strength, can be used for any problems or whenever we feel that we really need the help or the guide form this word to gain mental and physical strength .

The method is simple and as I have stated many times before. Take a comfortable seat in a room where you will not be disturbed by anyone or anything including your hand phone. Then make sure you choose some of the Power Words to be used at that particular day or moment to get any solutions for your problems. Then use this Power Word Strength when you feel that you are really ready to receive and to impress your being with this word. Make sure you are ready to tune into this word. Then feel and imagine as every word that you are thinking which is related to strength and every images or circumstances related to the Power Word Strength is flowing and running all over your body. Feel the energy of this powerful word. I bet you can feel the amount of strength gaining in momentum when you do this correctly as the Master stated in his book The Message of a Master.

Then after completing your session by impressing your self with the Power Words, just go on with your daily routine without thinking of anything except the energy that you gained from the Power Word Strength. You can feel the Power just by doing it once completely. Just try it out and feel the strength which is always inside you waiting to be tapped.

All the best and I wish you 'Strength'


  1. Strength...doesn't that encompass much more than just the word suggests? Isn't it also a companion to other traits - like character, perserverance, integrity, focus, etc. Strength of....

    A very strong word this strength. Definately food for thought.

  2. yeah exactly it covers many aspects its actually a mixture of the powerful words that u mentioned...good thought...

  3. I have gone through The Message of Master book several times since I got it from your blog around a month ago.
    And, I found it worth for anyone who wants to be free and happy.
    I have several qurries with respect to the "procedure" suggested in the book.
    Is it possible to get a personal counselling from you at my mail ID

  4. Hi, I've downloaded the message of a master pdf. thanks for sharing.

  5. Yeah dats cool enjoy reading the book and pass to ur friends and family...

  6. Hi John,
    I just ran into your post on and thoroughly enjoyed your list of books on New Thought. With your permission, I'd like to reprint them, credit you in the byline, and distribute to friends and family. Is this OK? Feel free to find me on beliefnet. My username is littlemisspositive. You can also write to me directly at I will await your reply with gratitude. Thank you for being such a blessing to us all.



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