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Do you have ENERGY? - Power Word 21

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Alright now this Power Word can be a bit controversial from different point of views now before we begin it will be wise for you to understand the meaning that me must hold in our mind. Let us proceed to the meaning which we need to gain power by impressing this power word.

Definition: The capacity to think and act with abundant amount of power.

The very first thing that comes to mind when we think about energy is electricity. It is true that electric is a form of energy and the use of electricity is diversified. Now to make it clear electricity is a form of energy and the power word that we are using is energy. The relevant energy that we can use to impress our mind with can be THOUGHT energy. This energy has equal and undivided power as electricity. The power can be compared as with electricity where the use of the electrical energy can be determined with the mechanism the electric is attached. If electric energy is supplied to a television then we will be able to enjoy great shows. Same goes to the mind when we attach the right thought energy the result will be harmonious and pleasant.

When we instill positive and powerful thought energy in our mind we will be able to reap great fruits corresponding with the thought energy given. Now the question is where do we get abundant amount of power to think and act? Where do we get power to think and take actions? To answer it simple just go to a mirror see your image on the mirror and tell to yourself that infinite power flows inside of you and flows out from you. You are the medium for all sources of energy.

All energy flows in and out of you. We as human being are a part or medium to transfer energy into other part. There is a very big theory and science on how we have the power or energy within us. All can be summed up as a spiritual energy inside us which always guiding us whenever we need it in the middle of adversities. It is time to impress this power word Energy in a silent room. See and FEEL yourself as getting energy from The Sun where the radiation is entering your body and few moments later you are releasing the Energy all over your body from your eyes until your fingernails to without. See and feel as you are receiving and giving out Energy. See and FEEL yourself as taking actions and decisions with supreme Energy with the Guidance from Inside. See and Feel ENERGY flowing all over your body. This can be a secret to health. This is where you can feel as you are releasing all the bad energies outwards and receiving positive and vibrant energy. See and Feel it.

Let Yourself be filled with Energy.
The Message of a Master by John McDonald


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